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I coach individual leaders, groups and teams and provide coaching training to develop leaders and build a coaching culture.

Organisational Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

Executive coaching

  • Achieving sustainable high-performance 

  • Building long-term resilience 

  • Developing leadership style

  • Resolving conflicts

  • Building effective partnerships inside and outside of the organisation 

  • Developing individual learning and development plan

Coaching for Continuous Growth

  • Analysing strengths and areas for development 

  • Creating a development strategy and plan 

  • Coaching support with implementation of the plan

Career Strategy

  • Analysing long term career aspirations and goals

  • Creating a long-term career strategy

  • Developing long term and short-term plans to reach the desired career stage 

  • Coaching support with implementation of the plan

Transition Coaching & Mentoring

  • Understanding the requirements of a new role, examining the current level of competencies, identifying whether there are any gaps / areas for development

  • Strengthening areas for development

  • Development of an action plan for the first week / month / 6 months / year of work 

  • Ongoing support with concerns or areas of pain

Coaching for High Potentials

  • Support with developing leadership competencies 

  • Creating career strategy 

  • Working on behaviours for accelerated growth

Life Coaching

  • Developing your personal mission

  • Developing your life strategy and objectives

  • Increasing the quality of your life

  • Building healthy habits 

  • Overcoming fears and anxieties 

  • Building resilience, overcoming stress and burnout

  • Solving internal conflicts and pain points

  • Balancing key areas of your life

  • Developing of a personal crisis management strategy

  • Brainstorming complex tasks and problems

Team Coaching

Team coaching – coaching members of the same team to enhance cooperation:

  • Developing team strategy

  • Aligning the team through the shared purpose 

  • Overcoming conflicts 

  • Increasing understanding and cooperation 

  • Improving team performance

Group coaching – coaching people with the same growth objectives, potential areas include:

  • Development of leadership skills

  • Achieving higher performance

  • Career breakthrough 

  • Thriving in a crisis

  • Living without stress and burnout

Coaching Mindset Training

Coaching mindset training – building a coaching mindset and transforming corporate culture through the change of everyday behaviours:

  • Learning the foundations of coaching 

  • Developing coaching skills 

  • Increasing individual efficiency

  • Improving cooperation with colleagues 

  • Enhancing leadership style 

  • Building relations with clients and partners 

  • Thriving under constant change 

Book an intro call

To start working together, I invite you to schedule an introductory video call for us to get to know each other and ask each other questions.

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