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You could have noticed that I never share the stories of my clients. Such stories could give you examples, a feel of how our sessions would work, and what results we could achieve. However, I intentionally chose not to do this, as the core principle of my work.

One of the key competencies in coaching is ethical behavior and confidentiality. What we discuss during coaching sessions doesn't leave the room.

I have no right to use this information even if we meet for coffee someday outside of our coaching process.

With a coach you can discuss all your questions, problems, and obstacles. We discuss what we cannot discuss with anyone else, we expose ourselves, our fears, doubts, insecurities, and our weaknesses. We reveal the things we don't accept and can't face within ourselves.

During coaching sessions, we do very deep transformational work. This is very personal and vulnerable, and can never be shared outside of the sessions. In order to be open and dig deep to understand the core of the question or problem, you need to be safe in the confidentiality of the process.

If I mention something that is a part of you, your identity and history, without even mentioning your name, it can undo the progress made, which is the opposite of what we are aiming to achieve through our collaboration.

Therefore, when talking about some of the potential tasks of personal and professional growth and development, I typically refer to my own story as an example.

Safety and confidentiality are the indisputable foundation of our work together.

Many people think that failure is:

  • Having a minimum wage job

  • Not having your own house or apartment at 40

  • Living from paycheck to paycheck

  • Lack of savings

  • Bankruptcy of a business

  • Returning from work to an empty house without a partner, without children, and not even a pet

  • When your bolder peers have already sold their start-up for 9 figures, while you continue worrying about being laid off in anticipation of an upcoming crisis

In my opinion, failure looks differently:

  • Not living a single day as you want

  • Hating your prestigious job

  • Being married to someone smart, successful, and attractive, but not loving them

  • Having your whole life evolve around kids and family, only to find yourself in an empty nest

  • Building your whole life on generally accepted stereotypes and standards in order to get approval and admiration from others

  • Only being able to relax after a few glasses of alcohol to “take the edge off”

  • Dreaming every day for something to change and doing nothing about it

If you want to reassess your life and understand how you really want to live, I can help you to transform your life and support you on the path of change.

We can work on all areas of your life:

  • Relationship with yourself

  • Career, business, and financial stability

  • Personal relationships

  • Relationships with parents and children

  • Health and lifestyle

  • Interests and hobbies

  • Personal development

  • Spirituality

  • Vocation and mission

To know more please book the most convenient time slot for you for our first meeting:

At least 3 out of 10 of my new clients start describing their reason for seeing me, saying “I am a perfectionist”… I typically allow for a dramatic pause after this for both of us to enjoy. Then I answer in a humorous way, saying “I have green eyes. It's nice to know a little more about each other."

Then I elaborate, saying "What's wrong with you being a perfectionist? After all, perfectionism means doing what you do very well. What's so bad about it? Isn't it wonderful?"

They clarify "I worry about everything all the time, trying to take on everything and do it perfectly, this leads to constant burnout."

And here we get to the heart of the problem, which is not perfectionism.

Because perfectionists are the most reliable people, who do everything not just well, but very well! What's wrong with that? This is who we are.

The actual problem is taking on everything, and being unable to prioritise and focus.

I can help you learn to be a healthy and happy perfectionist, live with a focus, achieve outstanding results, maintain a resourceful state, and enjoy life.

I invite you to the first meeting with me, where we will draw up an action plan for qualitative changes in your life:

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