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What we discuss during coaching sessions doesn't leave the room.

You could have noticed that I never share the stories of my clients. Such stories could give you examples, a feel of how our sessions would work, and what results we could achieve. However, I intentionally chose not to do this, as the core principle of my work.

One of the key competencies in coaching is ethical behavior and confidentiality. What we discuss during coaching sessions doesn't leave the room.

I have no right to use this information even if we meet for coffee someday outside of our coaching process.

With a coach you can discuss all your questions, problems, and obstacles. We discuss what we cannot discuss with anyone else, we expose ourselves, our fears, doubts, insecurities, and our weaknesses. We reveal the things we don't accept and can't face within ourselves.

During coaching sessions, we do very deep transformational work. This is very personal and vulnerable, and can never be shared outside of the sessions. In order to be open and dig deep to understand the core of the question or problem, you need to be safe in the confidentiality of the process.

If I mention something that is a part of you, your identity and history, without even mentioning your name, it can undo the progress made, which is the opposite of what we are aiming to achieve through our collaboration.

Therefore, when talking about some of the potential tasks of personal and professional growth and development, I typically refer to my own story as an example.

Safety and confidentiality are the indisputable foundation of our work together.

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