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Crisis management brainstorming

We live in a time of uncertainty right now; contracts are not concluded in anticipation of a coming crisis or economic downtur

n, companies freeze hiring even those who would increase sales and drive growth. This creates a high level of anxiety in employees. People lose confidence in themselves.

Simply turning a blind eye to these realities, making more efforts based on “what worked before” will not yield results.

I spent my entire life leading teams and businesses across diverse industries and organization sizes, from small to very large, in a developing country and in a fundamentally unstable economy. I led a bank with 10000 employees through two serious financial crises, without resorting to refinancing from the Central Bank. I know about sustainable development in conditions of crises, revolutions, upheavals and even wars, so I can definitely help you build a strategy for developing your business and yourself, and increasing income in any situation.

Using my entire business and executive background, experience in strategic and crisis management consulting and coaching, you and I (or together with your leadership team) will brainstorm in a coaching format where we will:

● identify the external factors in your business environment that have or may have an impact on the operation of your business

● simulate all possible scenarios for the development of events in the market

● form strategies for the development of your business for each of the possible scenarios

As a result of our work you will:

● feel confident about the present and future for you personally, and your business

● form a strong business development strategy and succeed in any market scenario

● realize a breakthrough in business development and profitability.

I invite you to schedule an introductory video call for us to meet, discuss your situation and agree our next steps.


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