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I am afraid I might not meet this year’s goals and targets

I am doing my best, but I feel that I may not achieve my personal and shared team's goals for the coming period.

  • I use methods in work and management that were proven effective, but now for some reason, they no longer deliver results.

  • My team is experiencing the same thing; some people are stuck in wanting to reclaim the past, while others get burnt out hurrying to get things done.

  • Everyone has lost efficiency.

  • People have become exhausted and begin to lose purpose and direction

  • I feel I need to focus more and be less distracted.

  • I need to involve my employees more, explain to them that this is a challenging period and we need to refocus in order to finish the period to meet our goals.

Whenever we feel that we need to do more, to increase or accelerate our efforts, it means that we are doing something wrong. This is a sure sign that we need to slow down to a complete stop.

You can try to analyse what is happening and why you are stuck in one place. You can call a meeting with your team and brainstorm. I'm assuming you have done this before, probably more than once. Yet, there is still no breakthrough solution.

Would you like to know why?

  • What worked in the past and because of which we achieved success and outstanding results may not work under new conditions and circumstances

  • It is impossible to solve the problems of a system while being inside the system

You don't have time for long pauses and restarts, because you want to be sure that you will definitely achieve the required results and meet your goals. There is no time or opportunity to take risks.

I can help you look at the situation from the outside, from a new perspective, to find the most effective solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible, without procrastination.

We will analyse:

  • the situation both inside the company and in the wider market, by looking at the problem from outside the system, to highlight the root causes of the problems that have arisen

  • the strengths and weaknesses of individual leaders, teams, and the company as a whole

  • existing goals and strategies in order to strengthen them and adjust them to changing market conditions and change priorities and focus of attention and efforts

  • the management and business styles of key leaders and the company as a whole, to review and select the most appropriate alternative styles and methods that correspond to current reality across multiple dimensions

For each of the identified problems we will discover new opportunities, find the most optimal and most effective solution and a plan for the fastest qualitative breakthrough.

If you would like to accelerate and make a qualitative breakthrough in results and efficiency, to move from seemingly insurmountable problems to new possibilities, contact me so that we can discuss your situation and outline an action plan.


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