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The march of time is one of the most cruel factors of human existence

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Time is relentless. The march of time is one of the most cruel factors of human existence.

Do you feel it?

· I do not have time for anything.

· I need to be in multiple places at the same time, make so many calls and meetings, without lunch and with deadlines looming from all sides.

· Go to the gym or finish a project?

· Work another hour or go for a walk with my partner?

· When will I catch up on my sleep?

· When can I find time for myself?

And you feel: I'm on the limit! Nothing can be postponed and everything is equally urgent. From all sides of life. You feel overwhelmed. You feel as though you might explode.

In fact, reality is different. There is no problem with time. The problem is prioritization.

As soon as we feel like we need to do more, we need:

1) to slow down to a complete stop

2) make a list of all our tasks and plans

3) reprioritize

4) focus only on first-priority matters and tasks

5) delegate or postpone secondary tasks.

As a coach, I can help you do this as efficiently as possible.

I invite you to schedule an introductory video call. If you need time outside of working hours, please contact me and we can find a time slot that is convenient for you.


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