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What internal needs do I satisfy by leading a team and growing the business?

Sometimes we feel that we are different from other people. But we cannot explain why. Coaching can help us provide the answer, and make this difference the source of our strength.

All my life I could never stand aside from the problems of other people. My friends often asked me: "Why are you doing this? Why are you investing so much effort, time and money in people you don't know well? You should think about yourself first."

I heard their question, but I could not find the answer then. I didn’t understand why I was doing this, but I couldn’t do otherwise.

The answer eventually came to me through the most impactful coaching session for me as a client – a session to define my life mission.

Whether we know this or not, every one of us has a mission. The mission is not a construct we come up with, it's the unique driving force of our lives based on our deepest values.

Coaching has various techniques and methods to find answers to these questions at conscious and subconscious levels, and then to check the truth and authenticity of the answers found. As it turned out in my case, one of my three main life missions is to make this world and the lives of all living beings better. Uncovering this filled my life with a deep understanding of who I am and why I do everything I do.

Awareness of our mission and purpose helps us understand ourselves and our motivations:

• What am I living for?

• Why do I live the way I live?

• Why do I do what I do?

• Why do I work where I work?

• Why don't I allow myself to do certain things?

• Why does it take so long for me to let go?

• What internal needs do I satisfy by leading a team and growing the business?

• Why am I growing my business, beyond making money?

Finding answers and understanding our mission helps to fill our life with greater meaning, awareness, fulfillment and allows us to be uniquely ourselves. As a coach, I can support you on this journey.

As a first step, I invite you to schedule an introductory video call for us to meet and discuss our plan for moving forward.


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